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International health insurance for individuals and families

When it comes to your health, all that matters is getting you the treatment that you need. Connecting you with world-class care for your needs is our priority, so we can help you access treatment from leading specialists either in the UAE or around the world.

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Connecting you with global medical expertise

Our plans offer direct access to some of the best doctors and hospitals locally, regionally and internationally, accompanied by premium levels of customer service. Designed for individuals who value expertise, freedom and quality, we aim to deliver access to an exceptional worldwide medical network. 

Our international health insurance plans are designed for day-to-day healthcare needs too, and many offer wellness benefits to help keep you and your family at your best.

Continuous and personalised service

As our customer, you will be taken through the details of your plan, to make sure you are comfortable with your choice and know how to get the most out of it. We also provide ongoing support and will be here for your queries, should you need extra advice about your policy and benefits. 

All our health insurance plans meet all the criteria needed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to fulfil visa applications.

Our plans


Care at home and abroad with access to regional cover


Global cover at home or away


Comprehensive global access to premium cover


Extensive worldwide cover with no annual limit

Regional Middle East - with an option to upgrade to Worldwide, excluding U.S. at an additional cost
Worldwide, excl. U.S.
Worldwide, incl. U.S.
Worldwide, incl. U.S.

Select offers cover for the Regional Middle East with an option to upgrade to Worldwide, excl. U.S. at an additional cost. Premier offers cover worldwide, excluding the U.S. Elite and Ultimate offer cover worldwide, including the U.S.

Overall Annual limit

The maximum amount we will pay in total for all benefits for each person in each policy year.


Should you need to be admitted, we pay for your hospital accommodation, room and board in full.

Select: Standard private room (limitations apply)

Premier: Standard private room
Elite: Standard private room
Ultimate: Standard suite

Operating room, medicines and surgical dressings

We pay for costs of the operating and recovery rooms, as well as medicines and dressings used in the operating or recovery room and during your hospital stay.

Cancer treatment

Once it has been diagnosed, we pay fees that are related specifically to planning and carrying out treatment for cancer. This includes tests, diagnostic imaging, consultations and prescribed medicines.

Mental health

Where it is medically necessary, this provides cover to be treated as a day-patient or in-patient, including room, board and treatment costs, related to the psychiatric condition.


We pay costs for rehabilitation, including room, board and a combination of therapies such as physical, occupational and speech therapy after an event such as a stroke.


  • Select: up to 30 days each policy year
  • Premier: up to 30 days each policy year
  • Elite: up to 60 days each policy year
  • Ultimate: up to 90 days each policy year, up to 30 days for medically prescribed health resorts
Medical evacuation

Reasonable transport costs to the nearest appropriate place of treatment, when the treatment needed is not available nearby.

Ultimate includes non-medical evacuation in case of conflicts or natural disasters.

Diagnostic tests

We pay for diagnostic tests, pathology and radiology when recommended by your specialist to help diagnose or assess your condition when you are in hospital.

Out-patient prescribed drugs

Medicines prescribed by your medical practitioner, required to treat a disease, illness or injury.

Limitations apply to Select and Premier plans.

Health screening

To help keep track of your health with regular health screening and wellness tests.

Select: £250 per policy year
Premier: £500 per policy year
Elite: £1,000 per policy year
Ultimate: £5,000 per policy year

Physiotherapy, osteopathy and more

Consultations and treatment from physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors for physical therapies aimed at restoring your normal physical function.

Limitations apply to Select, Premier and Elite plans.

Optical and dental

We pay for accident-related dental treatment, and after 6 months, we cover routine treatments like fillings, root canal treatments and tooth extraction. We will also pay for major restorative work such as bridges, crowns, dental implants and dentures.

We also cover prescribed hearing aids, spectacle frames and lenses and contact lenses.

Limitations apply to Premier and Elite plans. Emergency treatment only on Select plans.

Maternity cover

Pregnancy and childbirth after the mother has been covered on this health plan for 10 months outside the UAE, including pregnancy and childbirth complications.

Limitations apply to Select, Premier and Elite plans.

Medical repatriation

Repatriation gives you the option of returning to your specified country of residence or specified country of nationality, to be treated in familiar surroundings, when the treatment you need is not available nearby.

Home nursing

We pay for 30 days home nursing by a qualified nurse, to provide medical care in your home following treatment in hospital which is covered under this plan.


The following are covered; vaccinations which are recommended as part of the national childhood immunisation programme in the county of residency, human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination to protect against cervical cancer, influenza (seasonal flu) vaccinations, travel vaccinations, anti-malarial medicines and pneumococcal vaccinations.

Limitations apply to Select, Premier and Elite plan.

Complementary therapies

Consultations and treatment with qualified and registered acupuncturists and reflexologists.

Limitations apply to Elite plan.

Genetic cancer screening

Cover for costs of genetic cancer testing and one pre and one post consultation, only if:

  • referred by a doctor,
  • there is an immediate family (bloodline) history
  • the tests and consultations are carried out at a hospital

Pre-authorisation needed prior to testing.

All plans have waiting times, limitations and exclusions and are subject to your insurance policy Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the plan guide for more details.  For Elite, up to 2 children under 10, and for Ultimate, up to 2 children under 16, per insured parent (maximum of 4 per policy) are included at no extra cost, subject to underwriting, terms and conditions.

Please note that the above mentioned benefits are for general information purposes only. Various features, terms benefits stated herein may or may not be applicable or offered to you. Please refer to our policy wordings for detailed offering, terms, conditions and exclusions. In case of conflict, your policy terms and conditions shall supersede and prevail.

What makes us different

We are dedicated to your health. Our focus on quality care drives everything we do. Our health insurance plans are designed by medical professionals who understand what truly world-class health insurance plans should offer.

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Medical expertise beyond borders

As a customer, we will give you flexibility when it comes to treatment for you and your family. With access to a network of over 1.6 million medical providers around the world, you can choose from top doctors and hospital in the UAE or abroad. We believe you should get the care you need, not just the care that's convenient.

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Going the extra mile

We like to go that little bit further when it comes to the details. We don’t wait until you’re ill to start looking after you, our plans can include everyday benefit options like health assessments, dental and optical that can help to keep you and your family in good shape all year round.

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Online plan management

MembersWorld is the quick and easy way for our customers to manage their healthcare plan online. You can submit and track your claims, apply for a second medical opinion and also seek approval prior to your treatment

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Advisers who understand you

Communication is key to explaining your health concerns and understanding the advice you get. Our in-house service advisers speak multiple languages, so they can really talk to you. And most importantly, we aim to speak to your medical provider in their own language too, wherever you are

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International health insurance for people with an international outlook on life.

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