Complaint procedure

Oman Insurance Company P.S.C. (“Sukoon”) together with Bupa Insurance Services Limited (collectively “we”) view complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve for the future, as well as a chance to put things right for the person that has made the complaint.


Getting in touch

We are always pleased to hear about aspects of your membership that you have particularly appreciated, or that you have had problems with. If something does go wrong, we have a simple procedure to ensure your concerns are dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible. If you have any comments or complaints, you can call the number on your insurance card or email

On receiving a complaint, we will immediately acknowledge and investigate your concerns. Once we complete our investigation we will write/call you with our final response. If our investigation requires more time to be completed, we will provide you with an explanation of why a decision is not yet made and we will also inform you regarding when you will be further contacted.

If you are still not satisfied with the resolution, you can contact us to discuss the outcome with your complaint handler via email on

If you find it necessary to further escalate the issue, you may approach the Central Bank UAE (in all cases) at their Consumer Happiness Centre on: 800(CBUAE)22823 or

Alternatively, in case of medical issues you may contact Dubai Health Authority on (opens in new window) or the Department of Health, Abu Dhabi on (opens in new window).

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you may seek to raise your case with a relevant court.


Complaints Process Workflow

Step 1

Share your grievance and concerns via:

Step 2

Upon registration of complaint, we will:

Step 3

If you are not satisfied you may:

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800 0444 0492 (inside the UAE)
+44 12 7332 3563 (outside the UAE)

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  • Acknowledge your complaint
  • Provide you with the complaint reference

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  • Investigate with internal and external stakeholders
  • Contact you within five business days

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  • Close your complaint within a maximum period of fifteen days
  • Provide timely updates if investigation takes longer

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  • Contact regulatory authorities or external escalation

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  • Pursue your case legally